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On May 12 the Google Drive app for Mac and Windows will be shut down.  

This new deadline, an extension of the previous March date, comes as a direct result of feedback from customers who needed more time to make the transition.


What should I do?+

Business users who are still using Drive for Mac/PC are encouraged to move to Drive File Stream, which saves space on your local drive whilst providing access to all your Google Drive files on demand, directly from your computer.  Saving you time and freeing you from concerns about disk space.

The alternative is Backup and Sync for backing up data and accessing files in the cloud.  This replaces the Google Drive and Google Photo Uploader apps whilst delivering the same functionality and operating in a similar way.

What happens after May 12?+

Failure to transition to Drive File Stream or Backup and Sync by May 12 will result in a loss of any files syncing between your computer and Google Drive on or after that date.  This shutdown will have no impact on other Google Drive services.

Next Steps+

Further information can be found on Google’s help pages.  For more information on which sync solution would be right for your business, please call speak to your Account Manager or call our Service Team on 0800 007 3060

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