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IT Transformation

Whether you’re a small business or a large scale enterprise you will inevitably be faced with the challenge of doing more for less. This increasing demand for complex and innovative services is usually set against a backdrop of inflexible technology, limited resources, expertise and budgets. Rubicon’s IT transformation services can help you make the right decisions and investments at the right time, to ensure you get the best IT advantage to help you meet these challenges.

Make the right decisions at the right time

Our senior consultants and technicians have helped many customers large and small with IT transformation. Services can include developing an IT strategy, building an internal business case for investment, third parties liaison, project management, system design and implementation.

From a simple IT refresh to a complex enterprise-scale migration our knowledge and real-life expertise will provide continuity and focus to help smooth your transformation process and limit the impact on your workflow and end-users.

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IT Strategy+

We create and deliver seamless IT strategies that fit your business like a glove but with the necessary stretch you need to grow and innovate for the future.

More and more of our customers are seeking an IT environment that frees them to excel at their core competencies yet ensure their business is well-positioned for future advantage.

Our strategic consultancy services are about tailor-made thinking.  There is no one size fits all approach; what works for one customer, won’t work for another and it’s often more about facts and common sense, than vision and aspiration.

Whatever the size of your business, from small, medium-sized to large enterprises, when creating your IT roadmap our senior consultants and technicians will guide you through our proven strategic process.

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IT Consultancy+

Sometimes you just need some good advice and someone to point you in the right direction.

Our experienced consultants and partners are there to do just that and can help you to understand your specific IT requirements and work with you to meet your business goals.

We can offer consultancy on a wide range of projects and solutions including:

  • Apple integration
  • Active Directory
  • Cloud readiness
  • IT security
  • Device management
  • Virtualisation
  • Network architecture
  • Business Continuity
  • Disaster recovery

Our highly-skilled team is committed to understanding the wider business perspective and is well-positioned to keep pace with rapidly evolving technologies, best practices and methodologies.

We constantly evaluate emerging innovations and developments to determine potential business value, so your business can benefit from the latest IT advancements, without risk or unnecessary cost.

To find out more about our Consultancy services, call us on 0800 007 3040.

Project Management+

Our Project Management services have an impressive track record. We have helped customers of all sizes deliver expedient, turnkey solutions for projects large and small.

As a trusted project management partner, we have honed our methodology over the years and developed a flexible and personable approach to project planning and delivery, using recognised industry standards.

We keep IT project management simple and effective and always assess, prioritise and plan. The difference really is in the detail – to determine scope of work, available resources and eliminate risk and uncertainty.

Our consultants and technicians are there at every stage as advisors – coordinating workloads, managing implementation, facilitating communications and collaborating with third parties; always representing your best interests. They are the driving force behind our successful project management service and ensure your project comes in on time, on budget and fit for purpose.

To find out more about our Project Management services, call us on 0800 007 3040.

System Design+

System design is a pivotal stage whether you are revising and up scaling your existing system or embarking on a complex server virtualisation project.

We take great pride in our system designs and they are backed by a complete system blueprint which we handover to you at project completion.  Your blueprint ensures you have complete ownership and visibility of your IT systems and allows us to share what we know about you.

We work in partnership with you on you IT systems and the transferral and sharing of knowledge is key to the success of our service and ensure understanding, continuity and empowerment.

Our system design services can include:

  • Virtualisation – consolidation and capacity planning
  • Network architecture
  • Business continuity & disaster recovery
  • Terminal services & VDI
  • Kerio & Microsoft exchange migration planning
  • Active Directory
  • High performance, high availability server solutions & storage inc. SAN & clustering

To learn more about our System Design services, call us on 0800 007 3040.


We focus on minimising the effects of transition and implementation on your business, your people and your customers.

Even small changes in your IT system can affect your internal policies, procedures and culture and this ultimately affects your people. It can take time to become comfortable with new technology and adjust to new ways of working and this can have an impact on productivity and efficiency.

Our highly skilled and qualified technical team is on hand throughout your implementation process. We offer flexible timescales to suit your business style and requirements and make sure your new solution is ready to plug and play.

Our implementation process comprises:

  • Pre-configuration
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Testing
  • Training

We can spend time on-site to ensure the successful transfer of operational knowledge and make sure everyone feels confident with new systems and ways of working.

To learn more about our Implementation services, call us on 0800 007 3040.