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Collaboration has become an integral part of how we work, especially since the pandemic. When employees can perform as a team it can encourage creativity, improve productivity, efficiency and overall business success.

It’s been proven that business collaboration software encourages your employees to work quicker, feel more motivated and develop more effective working relationships.

Microsoft Teams+

Back in 2016, Microsoft added MS Teams to the Office 365 cloud-based suite of services, and since then it’s developed exponentially. If you haven’t used it yet, Teams is a chat-based collaboration tool that allows people to communicate and share information, data and documents in a common space, in real time. Teams is available as a Mac, PC, iOS, Android or Windows mobile app, or can be accessed through a web browser.

MS Teams is so much more than just chat and video calls, it provides an almost endless list (over 700) of highly useful apps, bots, automated workflows and dashboards. All of which serve to ensure better communications.

With Teams you can:

– Collaborate
– Plan and organise schedules
– Manage tasks
– Request feedback
– Have video calls
– Chat in channels
– And engage with not only your colleagues but clients, suppliers and anyone!

Microsoft Teams, as you’d expect, supports Office 365 services, Word, Excel, Forms, Power BI and more. It also offers low-code solutions for building custom apps and developer tools for more professional apps.

Want to start utilising the power of Teams?
Microsoft Office 365 users can simply login to the Office 365 portal and select Teams. From here, you can easily start collaborating on documents, having a one-to-one, team chats, schedule meetings, calls and a video conference.

Next Steps+

To find out more about Microsoft Office 365 and Teams watch the video or head over to the Office for Teams website. 

If you’d like to start utilising the power of MS Teams, and you’re an existing Office 365 customer we’ve developed a Quick Start plan starting from as little as £180 to get you up and running. If you’re not yet an Office 365 user and would like to know more – feel free to give us a call on 0800 007 3040.

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