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We asked Brian Gannon the CTO at our good friends Strongbox Technology what GPU trends to watch out for in 2019

Q: What is the best GPU card today, based on price, performance, and availability?

A: It’s got to be the RTX 2080. It is practically a GTX 1080Ti in RTX branding. There is a drop in VRAM from 11GB to 8GB but I would say that if you are maxing out 8GB of VRAM on an RTX 2080, there is probably a need for that project to be run on a better-suited hero workstation.

Q: Please explain?

A: A hero workstation should have an RTX 2080Ti or the awesomely multi-talented Titan V. Both of these cards are a step up in investment but easy to get back when you take into account how much faster you will be operating. The Titan V stands in a class of its own, not quite gaming, not quite professional like a Quadro. Nvidia is calling it a workstation card and I can’t argue with that. The Titan V with all of its versatility is a pure workstation card capable of handling anything the rest of your workstation won’t bottleneck.

Q: What are the alternatives?

A: If you are in the automotive industry, AMD cards offer a really interesting prospect. They come in at a fraction of the price of an equivalent Quadro, have PRO drivers and perform right on par with the Pascal Quadros. It is a shame that other industries are not able to optimise for AMD GPUs.

Q: And Brian how do you see the immediate future re GPU?

A: The future is Ai, isn’t it? No, sorry, I got that wrong, the future is RTX, but we are in the times of RTX now. Can anyone actually say they have seen a seismic shift in GPU compute? What has been demonstrated last year in both the CPU and GPU world is that if developers are not behind your technology, the consumer will not be able to access that technology. Not only has RTX real-time raytracing been a miss, so have the AI tensor cores been dormant on the RTX line. The future is waiting for a desktop notification telling you that APP X has an update available to unleash all that new technology we already have.

Best GPU card for compute in a server room: 1st, Titan V. 2nd, RTX 2080
Best GPU card for compute in a datacentre: 1st, for AI its the GV100. 2nd, RTX 6000. Honorable 3rd P6000.

Well there you have it – real world advice based on real world experience!

Thank you Brian.

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