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Happy Holidays from Rubicon

Christmas is fast approaching and at Rubicon we're already in a pretty festive mood, the novelty jum...
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How to download old macOS versions

Once you install macOS Mojave Apple remove the ability to download the installers of older versions...
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Microsoft Teams – change how you work, today

Collaboration has become an integral part of how we work. When employees are able to perform as a te...
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Time’s up for Google Drive

On May 12 the Google Drive app for Mac and Windows will be shut down.   This new deadline, an exte...
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Is the iMac Pro right for you?

The new iMac Pro has arrived! Six months after its initial announcement, the long-awaited, super-po...
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Google Calendar Update

Google Calendar for web receives a much-welcomed update. As of 17 October 2017,  Google made the n...
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Improve iOS 11 Battery Life

Many of you will have an iPhone in your pocket or on your desk right now!...
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macOS High Sierra 10.13

Apple's macOS High Sierra 10.13 was launched on 25 September 2017 as a free download via the Mac App...
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Apple admits its mistake with pro users

In a recent meeting with reporters in Cupertino, CA, Apple executives admitted they'd taken the wron...
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Shocking! Apple’s OS X rated as most vulnerable software

Shocking! Apple’s OS X rated as most vulnerable As Apple consultants we often hear people say “...
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Why you should consider running a cross-platform business

Whitepaper: Why you should consider running a cross-platform business If you are an organisation th...
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Cross-platform patch management – Cyber Security Superhero!

Cross-platform Patch management - your Cyber Security Superhero! September 17, 2015 by Jeremy Lambe...
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Ready El Capitan?

The WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) saw Apple announce the successor to Yosemite - El Capita...
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Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 launched

The 2015 release of Creative Cloud for teams - including the brand new Adobe Stock service is here!...
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AFP or SMB? What’s the best Mac connectivity protocol?

We're often asked if AFP is still required as Macs support SMB out of the box And if your company...
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Get ready: ‘Critical’ Adobe Reader patches coming on Tuesday 12 May

Adobe has pre-announced plans to release cross-platform security updates for Adobe Reader and Acroba...
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7 Deadly Sins of IT

The 7 Deadly IT Sins – Are you a sinner or a saint? Is your company protected from the 7 Deadly...
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Manage Macs with AD

It’s been hard to ignore the growing demand for and the steadily increasing number of Apple device...
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Are managed IT services right for my business?

Managed IT services Today’s business IT function faces an increasing demand for more complex and...
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Mac notebook update

Apple announce new MacBook. MacBook Air and MacBook Pro updated. The revised MacBook Pro Retina an...
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Google Outage

Google became the latest public cloud vendor to experience a worldwide cloud outage this week. Go...
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