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FASTNAS from GB Labs

FASTNAS from GB Labs is a turnkey shared storage solution combining the benefits of hard disk drive (HDD) and solid state drive (SSD) in one box.  A global leader and pioneer of SSD shared storage and hybrid disk technology FASTNAS brings together 16 years of experience and development.

Not just for high end post production or broadcasters, it’s an ideal storage platform for anybody interested in high performance file sharing at an amazing price point.

A high performance unit with unique hybrid disk technology it’s highly efficient OS allows for full utilisation of all the components resulting in an unrivaled user experience of real world performance.

Main Benefits

Big tier 1 NAS performance, tested to deliver in real world environments.
Built for media usage, great for everything else.
Nitro Hybrid Boost SSD and HDD technology available.
Fast installation and setup with user friendly web interface.
Comprehensive Global support options.
Works in mixed OS environments, with no client software or drivers required.
Powerful features, including Cloud and remote data replication.

Looking to upgrade your server solution from an existing NAS, Mac or Windows server? Maybe you’re moving into or are already an established post production company?  FASTNAS could be the perfect choice.

Next Steps

Call our consultants on 0800 007 3040 to find out more about FASTNAS and how it can help you.

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