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IT Patch Management

There isn’t an IT department that needs reminding of the dire consequences of not keeping networks secure. (Though just in case there is, keep in mind that 60% of companies that lose data shut down within 6 months).

Scare stories aside, we all know security is important, and that unpatched systems in particular are serious liability that can leave your networks wide open to breach. What many people don’t realise, however, is that having the right patch management is just as important as having it at all.

Affordable, effective

At Rubicon, our patch management solution is not only affordable and easy to use, it’s also built to match your specific business needs.

Our patch management specialists will configure and optimise a patch schedule that deploys only the patches you need, when you need them – usually with zero IT intervention.


What’s more, our systems support both Mac and PC security patch management, as well as a wide range of applications such as Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, Mozilla and many more.

Still not convinced by our patch management capabilities? Consider these benefits:

• Easy-to-use
• Robust security
• Compliance assurance
• Mac & PC inclusive
• Highly automated
• Tailored scanning and distribution schedules
• Dynamic grouping
• Remote worker support
• Affordable
• Minimal business disruption

Speak to our patch management experts today to find out more – 0800 007 3040

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